Live chat, we just love it. After sliced bread with cheese its one the best communication methods. We can connect with our customers and answer questions without making them wait for long periods of time.

1. Tidio Live Chat

See that chat thingie at the bottom right? We use Tidio.

Tidio is built on simplicity. It’s easy to set up in just a few clicks. But maybe simple is not the right word. The user interface is solid. Easy to navigate without the need to read documentation.(that nobody does anyway)
Once it’s live on your site, you can manage and respond to all communication in a single dashboard. Its also available as an app on Apple and Android. Trust us mobile is handy when you don’t want to be stuck behind your desk all the time.

You can also install chat bots. Simply create automated messages and set up chat bots to answer questions, capture contact information, and reengage leads before they leave your site. 

You can also tweak and modify the widget to provide your customers with a seamless brand experience. And Tidio live chat is built to support 183 languages so that you can use it without any additional plugins or translation tools. 

That’s why its our number 1!


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