Current Status

Updated Feb 2 2021
No Current Issues

All Delowa systems and sites are running

Planned Update Feb 4 2021
As Scheduled

All Delowa systems and sites will be upgraded to the latest PHP version. No action is required

Ongoing Incidents

Updated November 26 2020
Due to circumstances beyond our control some clients experienced SSL certs that could not be renewed. All outstanding issues have been fixed.

Updated June 28 2020
Currently we are investigating an issue with one of our servers, serversite 21.
Please excuse us for the inconvenience caused!

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled June Feb 15 03:00 GMT 2021 Planned
We wish to inform customers with Windows VPS that we will be performing system updates to their servers which will take place on the following dates:18th February – from 12am to 3am Sunday 19th February – from 12am to 3am During the period of maintenance the servers will be offline.

Uptime 28/12/2020 to date Update
Overall all of our sites remain at an up level of 99.50%
Witch is above industry standards.

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