SEO A Thought Process

We often talk about an Holistic approach we have have when dealing with SEO.
We do this by thinking like Google. Google likes to serve its search clients with the best possible results.
Does the search result answer a question? Does it solve a problem. Is the search result the best possible alternative?

We also recognize that your website has to deal with other priorities as well.
Selling products, getting clients to sign up to your services, making bookings.

Our holistic approach deals with these things.
So for example if we make a page thats not 100% perfect from an SEO point of view, we do this for an important reason.

After all the current visitor to your site is your number 1 priority!

Take for an example an average page on an e-commerce site.
Google’s internal ranking algorithm places a certain value on the amount of images,text and links on a page.
All of course very important.
But as a vendor your number 1 goal is to get your visitor to buy your offering.
To much text and images will often result in a non sale.

Its important to again strike a balance with Google metrics and making sure your visitor makes a purchase.

By combining, and balancing many other factors, we often create a winning formula for our clients.

Please use this link to find out how we can help you with SEO.


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