Do We Do Pop-ups?

A client noted last week an very interesting fact, ”all of your sites don’t have these stupid popups”.

In fact she was right they don’t. We can make them, and you can have them.
But we don’t like them, they are rude and intrusive.
And to be clear we are talking about the pop ups that appear 3 seconds after you visited a new site.

Its like you visit a shop in the real world and some lovely shop worker is in your face with silly questions.

In our sites we take a more gentle approach, for example the elements we made for the

Scroll down a bit and you will see a nice element asking your visitors if they want to subscribe.

But just to be clear you can have popups, as many as you want, we just don’t like them!

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''So yes you can have popups as many as you want, we just don't like them''!

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