Creating an A Record:GoDaddy

Here we will explain a few steps about adding A records on GoDaddy.

Step 1

Part A: Choose Domain

1 First, log in to your GoDaddy account by clicking on the SIGN IN menu in the far top-right corner.

2.Now click on the SIGN IN button under Registered Users tab.

3. Enter your username.

4. Then enter password

5. Click on SIGN IN

6. Click on the Grid button in the upper left corner.

7. Click on Manage My Products.

8. Now click on the DNS button of your target domain, as show in the image below.

Part B: Add an Record

Now click on ADD button under the RECORDS tab

  1. Type: As record type, choose A.
  2. Host: Choose the host for the domain/subdomain that you want to point to us.
    In this example, we have chosen www so Under Host, type www if you’re going to point a domain (such as Please see down for more examples of the host to fulfill your needs.
  3. Points to: Enter the IP address of our server. In this example, (see the email we send)
  4. TTL (Time To Live): Select custom or use the default one.
  5. (If selecting Custom) Seconds: Type value such as 600 (seconds).
  6. Click to apply the settings.
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