Apple getting ready to join the search battle, finally.
Google is big in mobile search (well desktop as well). The mobile success relies on the fact that it’s the default search engine for the iPhone.
Google is forking out a pretty hefty penny over the last few years to have that position. But there are reports coming in that Apple is building a search division and is pretty serious about it.

Europe has lately been a real battleground when it comes to antitrust measurements. Google needs now to create a choice when new android users are setting up their device.

So lets hope that Apple is successful and can be a serious contender. To get a better picture of the dominance of Google search, their main competitors Yahoo and Bing have less then 5% of the mobile search in the US.

Why do we care?

Well because lets face it competition is good. Lets be clear we don’t dislike Google. In fact we have tremendous respect for the work and products its releasing.
Its just that we see on a daily basis how difficult is for small operators to carve a way in search rankings.

Our founder Edward Bartels recently stated that making websites is one thing, getting it to be seen, is getting more difficult each year!

In an industry focused almost entirely on Google it would be invigorating to have a strong new search competitor. And Google would likely welcome such a move for several reasons: it could stop paying billions to Apple and not suffer significantly and it could also point to Apple as a strong competitor in antitrust cases.

But this very much remains to be seen, as well as the precise form a new Apple search engine would take. Apple does have an opportunity and the resources to make a run at Google but the question is, will it fully commit or build a mediocre experience that doesn’t sway anyone. The company underestimated the challenge of building a maps alternative to Google and learned some painful lessons in the process.



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