5000! Sites On One Server

Speeding up slow sites is something we do for our clients. A speedy site can get you a better ranking in Google, so its obvious that’s important.

When we started work on the project, we discovered that the site itself needed some work but was from a speed perspective pretty fine. So our investigation was focusing on the hardware the site was running on.
To our shock we discovered the site was running on a server with about 5000 other sites!

Full disclaimer here, we don’t even manage 5000 sites, but even if we did putting them on one server is even from redundant perspective pretty silly.

We transferred the client to our own solution, and the site is purring like a kitten.
To clarify even with our shared hosting, we will never put more then 10 sites on a shared server.

This prevents a whole lot of issues including a slow site.

Get in touch with us if you’re site is a bit slow.
Find more about the services we provide by clicking here.

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