3 Best Backup Solutions For Your WordPress Site

So you just spend a million(alright a hundred) ours building your site. And oh dear with out your fault, its gone. Or something breaks. Maybe a plugin goes haywire (trust us, it happens) and no matter what you do, your site never is able to return to its former shine new self.

You need a backup plan, plain and simple.
Today we are presenting you with 3 plugins that can help you with that.

What do you need to look out for?
Have an option to store your backup in the Cloud. Make sure that you fully
use your Google Drive, Icloud that you probably already own.

Set your backup to auto.
Humans are a forgetful bunch, so make sure that a backup schedule is in place. Once every day or weekly depending on your refresh rate.

Test it, and test it again.
Not all thing are created equal so make sure to do a test run. Every site
can have a complete different front and back end. So run a test.

Number One!

The folks at UpdraftPlus have built a pretty nifty backup solution.
(we use it on all of our sites, we highly recommend it)

They have a free and a premium version, and even the with the free version you can run auto backups!

Store the backups on your own network or cloud storage and thanks to nice handy restore function, getting things back to normal will be a breeze.

Number Two!

BackupBuddy stands out due to its simplicity with restoring backups.
Al tough complete coded and written buy the best coders in the bizz, its ease of use and scheduling standouts from the competition.
It also has a cloud storage function built in for completed backups.

Number Three!

WordPress is behind this solution, auto backups, cloud storage its all included.
There is a drawback to this solution and its the fact that the files are stored by default in the cloud and no other options are available. Its handy but perfect.

And there we have it, 3 Backup Solutions to make sure you sleep a bit better at night. Now you know that if things go wrong, you got a backup plan!


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