Introducing SEO To Our Solutions

As we are gearing up for our big birthday celebration, we are introducing SEO to our solutions.

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. Of course we are not new at this, and
we have been providing these services to our regular clients for years.

So maybe its time we had a talk with our CEO/Chief Art Director on the why and how of our new add on to our solutions.

Below is part written transcript of an interview at Google Developers Conference in 2019 San Fransisco.

Why are you introducing SEO, surely you have been busy
with making sites for clients, as we have seen here?

Well you are of course right, but over the last years we have seen that our clients wanted more then just a site. If i look back over a period of the last 10 years, site development has reached an unprecedented ease of access.

What do mean by that?
Making sites was pretty complicated a few years back, thanks to WordPress and advanced CSS, developments on front and back end, we have reached a level where almost anything is possible at a fraction of the cost.
So when we work with our clients, the time on development is just a fraction what it used to be.

However we have found that the direct things around site publishing like getting found on Google was just not getting easier. Its hard for some of our clients to navigate trough that field.

So that’s why you introduced solutions?
Yes but we also did it to protect our clients, we have seen some truly shocking behavior by so called SEO experts, leaving clients bewildered and then coming back to us to help them navigate out of the mess.

Whats your approach when offering SEO?
Being realistic on what we can do and the time that’s needed to achive those results. For example its in Googles interest to serve clients the best results for the keywords people are searching. When you understand that principle you can offer a sort of holistic approach to SEO. Understand Google, its clients, translate that to the needs of our clients, and work from that as a starting point. That is a better way to achieve long term success.


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